it was all a dream.

Okay fine, we'll rap to Notorious B.I.G. another time.

Here goes! I never knew what I was in for when I dove into my business. In fact, I didn't even necessarily mean for it to happen at all. Before I got my start in the industry, I was a professional dancer. However, my passion for doing stage makeup was greater than my love for performing... and at some point along the way, it finally just clicked. I traded dance for beauty and never looked back. Gold Coast was home for me, so I couldn't imagine starting my journey anywhere else. Given that I had trained from coast to cost (New York to LA) with places such as the Makeup Forever Academy and James Ryder makeup labs - I went from glorified spa girl with a knack for brows to managing the brow bar at Bloomingdales. Before I knew it, I had a full roster of amazing clients and that inner voice started to chime in again. At 23, I knew I was ready to take it to the next level and pave my own way. As fate would have it, my client and gal pal Erin Kannet stumbled upon an open space available for rent, and after just one visit I signed the papers and opened up shop.

Fast forward a few months and The Brow Boss was the highest rated spot in Chicago to get your brows arched to perfection. I expanded to a second chair and brought on my bestie Lina who has been by my side since age 10 (yes, we used to fight over our favorite Backstreet Boy!).

your o.g. brow boss,
nadia danielle