What kind of wax do you use?

We use Suddenly Smooth Zinc Oxiden Soft Wax for sensitive skin and Cirepil Blue Hard Wax.


what kind of before and after products do you use?

Cirepil Rose Flower Water, Cirepil Jasmine Oil, Ultra Calming Mist by Dermalogica, and Finpil Antiseptic Cream.


is tweezing more precise than waxing?

No, not at all. Waxing is the preferred and most precise method. Tweezing is a fallback option for people who can't wax due to an acne products like Retinol or Retina A.


what kind of makeup products do you use?

We use as range of professional products that can be found at our favorite store, Sephora! We pick out what we believe works best and often switch things up as new products come out.


what is tinting?

Tinting is basically hair dye for your eyebrows. Depending on the texture of your hair it can last between 2-5 weeks. It is honestly the best upgrade to your service no matter what kind of brows you have, as it helps reinforce shape and cover up sparse and uneven areas.


do men get their eyebrows done?

Yes of course! To be honest it's more important for them considering they don't have makeup and blowouts to keep them pretty... LOL! Brow waxing for men is truly one of the best services to stay maintained. It's called men brooming… brow-grooming!


do you thread?

NO! Absolutely not. Threading is our least favorite method of hair removal. Usually it is not sanitary because thread is being pulled through the mouth, and you and your service provider are holding your skin taught - most likely differently on each side - therefore always making the brows uneven.